by Pathmarajah Nagalingam





A great deal of books have been written on Hinduism in the last two centuries, both by western and Indian scholars, in english, other european as well as Indian languages. Inspite of these writings there is not much clarity on the source books of Hinduism and what it stands for. Rather, a unbalanced and lopsided view of Hinduism is presented whether about the religious texts, worship modes, beliefs, practices and ethics, leading even the Hindus and Hindu scholars too to be confused about their religion. This is because the whole lot of scholars simply followed the early perception and presentation of Hinduism by european scholars like Max Mueller and proceeded to reinforce it.

This E-Book attempts to correct those misperceptions and present a more balanced view of the religion.  It is a collection of writings presented in yahoo groups like Navyashastra and Akandabaratam over five years. Some of the articles have been appropriated from the writings of other scholars and which were published in these yahoo forums. Due credit is given to these authors.

The later chapters deals with some aspects of the philosophy of Saiva Siddhanta which is the philosophy of the agamas.

Pathmarajah Nagalingam

Kuala Lumpur

24th Nov, 2008



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