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#1015 - August 11, 2007 12:31 PM Racism and a Response Please

This is a link to a newpaper in the United States. In is an article quoting a US Representative from the State of Idaho, of which I am a citizen. I am extremely embarrassed at the out right racism of this person who is suppossed to be a representative of not only the citizens of our state but also the United States as a whole. I ask that you read this article and then please tell your community so that they may protest and he will an opportunity to see himself in the mirror as the bigot he truly is. Thank you.

#1016 - August 12, 2007 01:17 PM Re: Racism and a Response Please
Pathmarajah Offline

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Sali is ignorant of the Hindu religion, therefore his confusion as well as his inherent racism and religious bigotry. This rep is also ignorant of American history; it was not built on christian principles but agnostic and deist ones.

If he had just paid attention to the words of the prayer he would have learnt that it is a universal message of peace and prosperity for all.


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