Ghosts chasing by rural pojaris

Ghost chasing is a common practice in the shakthi (goddess) temples in Tamilnadu. This video clipping is taken at melmalaiyanur near Gingee , Tamilnadu. People particularly women are affected by some behavioral disorder which is believed by the rural mass is under the influence of Ghosts. There is no treatment available in any system of medicine to rectify this problem.
Hence people have no other way but to depend their traditional black magicians in other words the Satan or demon worshippers. They are more intelligent in handling the spirit
Possessed people in a unique ways and means.
Certain temples deities are capable of chasing ghosts( it is believed). Hence people go to the temples and try to solve the problems under the guidance of rural priests(pojaries).It is a small village and the temple is looking after by the rural priests who perform pojas to the deities. The temple itself is situated near the village burial ground.
Apart from the temple priests there are so many local priests(black magicians called kodangis)who not concerned with temple authorities, are engaging in these devil/ghost chasing activities.For which they collect money.
The kodangi ask the woman (who is under the influence of the ghost) about the details and information of the ghost.The ghost possessed women will reveal the occupant. Then the kodangis with the drums and other equipments chase the ghost
away by cutting the woman’s hair followed by some rituals.

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