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#1215 - September 01, 2009 07:13 PM A poem that I am looking for
natarajan123 Offline
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Some twenty five years ago I read a poem which did not make sense then. Now , in my current (can I call it , a Research) Interest, it makes a lot of sense.

The poem (Dont remember the Author) by a saint tells: I went inside an ATOM and found 7 worlds, went up and found 7 worlds...

aNuvukkuL ezhezhu ulagamx kaNte.nx..

Can some one who knows can give me a pointer?

Most saivait saints have written a lot beyond GOD and WORSHIP... their experience with non-earthly ones.

Is some one looking beyond Religion and worship in Saivait Sidhdhantha?

Love to interact with such people.

I could make out similarity between science and description of universe.

Thanks you


#1216 - September 28, 2009 09:24 AM Re: A poem that I am looking for
Pathmarajah Offline

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That poem is probably from the Tirumantiram.

Please read the articles in the last few pages of Hindu Gems. there is a load of esoteric knowledge there.



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